Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get funding?

The short answer: there are many ways to get funded. The long answer: Equipment Financings has a network of 75+ partner lenders, which means we offer loan options for just about any business need you might have. Fill out our simple and quick application, and your funding manager will show you all your funding options. It’s that simple.

Which loan is the best for me?

Picking your favorite can be hard, we get it. That’s why our representatives at Equipment Financings are there for you. They will walk you through all your loan options, talk to you about your needs, and help you pick the loan that’s best for you business. Think of it as a financing buddy system.

How much will this loan cost?

If we had ESP, we’d just throw a number at you and add some sort of cool sparkle effect here. But we can’t tell you that until we know how much you need, what you want to use your loan for, what your credit score is, and maybe a few other factors. But we can tell you that we help you get a loan that you can actually afford.

How soon can I get funded?

It all depends on what kind of financing you need. If you need funds lickety-split, we offer several different loans that get funded faster than you can say “put money in my pocket,” including short-term loans and more.

How will I pay back the loan?

Most standard financing loans are paid back on a monthly schedule. While every loan is different and the terms vary, if you're inquiring about a specific loan, contact our lenders to find out more information. But the bottom line is, you’ll be the one deciding which loan and terms you are okay with.

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